The University of Nebraska at Kearney is a public, residential university committed to be one of the nation’s premier undergraduate institutions with excellent graduate education, scholarship, and public service.

Our Core Values

bet36365体育 is built on four core values: Learning Matters, Learning Environment Matters, People Matter, and Responsible Stewardship Matters. Read the Strategic Plan Executive Summary

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Learning Matters

Goal 1: Academic Quality. Faculty and staff will ensure ongoing review and continuous improvement of the curriculum across all academic programs on campus.

1A. All academic programs and units on campus will undergo continuous review characterized by systematic planning, collection and analysis of data, and evaluation.

1B. Require student completion of an extended, substantive, and independent – yet faculty or staff guided – Experiential Learning activity within the major field of study for graduation in all academic programs and degrees.

1C. Embrace the NU-system priority of collaboration and engage in collaborative opportunities with other campuses, government agencies, and the private sector.

1D. Evaluate existing on-site and online graduate programs, investigate new degree and credential options in areas of strength and demand—notably those that form stronger partnerships with other NU campuses

1E. Expand undergraduate and graduate online offerings in areas of strength and demand to provide greater access to quality bet36365体育 programs and market/recruit aggressively.

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Student-Centered Learning Environment

Goal 2: Access and Success. Increase recruitment and enhance support for student success.

2A. Increase recruitment of a quality, diverse student body through holistic enrollment management.

2B. Increase retention of a quality, diverse student body through holistic enrollment management.

2C. Initiate, enhance, and support outreach and marketing for all types of pipeline opportunities that connect future students and families to enrollment and success.

2D. Enhance support for diverse University activities and events that enrich the community and cultural life of the Kearney area, state, region, and beyond.

2E. Enhance success in intercollegiate athletics within a sustainable, comprehensive framework.

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People Matter

Goal 3: Quality Faculty and Staff. Recruit, support, develop, and retain a high quality and diverse faculty and staff.

Strategies and Implementation Priorities:
3A. Evaluate processes of recruiting, retention, compensation, and explore alternate compensation approaches.

3B. Explore and implement ways to enhance diversity of faculty and staff.

3C. Specific for Faculty: Explore and implement approaches to managing workload expectations and teaching, scholarship, and service to enhance the workplace and productivity.

3D. Specific for Staff: Explore and implement approaches to managing workload expectations to enhance the workplace and productivity.

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Responsible Stewardship

Goal 4: Stewardship of Resources. Secure, generate, and responsibly steward the resources necessary to carry out the mission of the campus and ensure long-term institutional fiscal stability and environmental sustainability.

4A. Annually generate revenue necessary to offer competitive compensation, maintain and replace facilities, and invest in technology and infrastructure, student services, and general institutional needs.

4B. Administer resources in alignment with campus, unit, and operations priorities.

4C. Enhance bet36365体育’s brand and reputational identity across the state, region, and nation.

Our Mission in Action